stellar nail care products - acrylic monomers

All of our monomers have been developed to suit your individual needs as a professional nail technician and are specially formulated to work with our acrylic co-polymer powders. Please know that all of our monomers are MMA free and safe for use on your clients.

Our monomers also feature a reduced odor formula and are not as harsh smelling as other monomers available from other suppliers. We manufacture all of our monomers and include in each of them proprietary UV inhibitors and cross-linkers that you will not find anywhere else for added strength without sacrificing flexibility. Please find below a brief description of each of our monomers and their individual characteristics.

Classic Formula Monomer
Our Classic monomer was designed by us in conjunction with an industrial chemist who was employed in the nail industry and specialized in the field of acrylic plastics that were specifically for use in artificial nails in 1992. It was immediately a hit with our customers and was used with our Professional and Jett-Sett systems that were being sold at the time our company was first formed. The use of our proprietary UV light inhibitor virtually eliminated yellowing and our cross-linker made the nail stronger, less prone to chipping and cracking, and made the nail more stable to stress and strain put upon it during everyday use.This is a clear monomer, without a hint of yellow in it.

Our Classic monomer is compatible with all of our powder systems, and is also acceptable for use with other acrylic nail powders, is MMA free and is less odorous than most convential acrylic nail monomers on the market today. Our Classic monomer provides both consistency and strength in an MMA-free formulation.

Advanced Formula Monomer
Our Advanced Formula monomer was introduced to our customers in 1994 when we re-formulated and improved our monomer with a new anti-yellowing agent that was much stronger than the original and provided longer lasting and more effective protection against the UV light that caused yellowing.

Formulated especially to work with all of our powders, we also have incorporated all of our other proprietary ingredients and cross-polymer bonding system into this monomer to make it compatible with all of our powder systems.

The Advanced Formula Monomer is designed for easy application, increased adhesion and reduced odor. UV inhibitors ensure color stability and plasticizers decrease chipping and breaking, is MMA-free like all of our other monomers and is compatible with other acrylic systems comparable to ours available on the market today.

Lumina Monomer
Our Lumina Series Monomer is designed to work with our Lumina acrylic system in aiding the accelerated set-up process and polymerization of the acrylic powder. The powder, which contains a special refractive glitter, works best with this monomer so that the glitter does not break down during the application of a regular acrylic monomer. This special monomer complements the Lumina powder and makes for a beautiful application every time. You will be guaranteed spectacular results by using this monomer especially designed for the Lumina system.

Blaze Monomer
This ethyl methacrylate formulated monomer is specially designed to enhance the properties of a fast set powder and liquid system. Works best with Our Jett-Set and Competition series powders. The Blaze monomer is also MMA-free like all of our other monomers and is compatible with other acrylic systems comparable to ours out on the market today.

We have found that by using this special monomer with our Jett-Sett and Competition series powders, not only does it set up faster, but stronger as well. We have seen that the nail itself retains more strength longer and remains more pliable over time than if used with any other monomer that we currently offer. This monomer utilizes our cross-polymer bonding system to help the artificial nail adhere to the natural nail, retain strength and durability, while also staying flexible and pliable and resisting breaking and chipping due to stress.

Low Odor And Odorless Monomers
Our low odor and odorless monomers have been designed for nail technicians that are working in an environment that requires a lower odor solution for your acrylic monomer requirements. In areas that are shared by others in the beauty industry such as hair professionals and estheticians, where odor can be detrimental to customers requiring other services, this is a perfect monomer for your needs.

Our lower odor and odorless monmers are formulated differently, and provide the strength and flexibility of our traditional acrylic systems, while being less invasive in a shared salon environment. For use with either our Jett-Sett or Competition powders, you will find this product a wonderful alternative to our traditional monomer products. Available in a Low-Odor Clear, an Odorless Clear formulations.